What advantages does it bring to teach someone?

I’ve been teaching foreign languages for almost 10 years now. For some people, teaching may seem boring, there is hardly any career promotion, there are much less financial bonuses compared to other professions. However, I found a number of nice perks which keep me doing this job again and again.

First of all, teaching is an opportunity to learn. My initial goal when I just started teaching English and Turkish languages after graduating from university was to have the opportunity to speak and practice them. When you have students, not only do you communicate with them in a foreign language during the lesson, you also prepare for the lesson and revise what you have learned in the past and explore more and more language rules and peculiarities.

Secondly, when you teach a foreign language to an adult, as a rule you meet people with various professional backgrounds. Since during the class it’s better to discuss what is relevant and interesting to them, you discover so many insider things about their professions and industries they work in. You become well-rounded in various spheres of life and become able to communicate with different people. During my career as a teacher, I worked with professional musicians, sportsmen, scientists, businessmen, people from retail, banking, pharmaceutical, architectural, telecom and other industries.

In our classes I learn as much valuable information about their professions and areas of work as they learn from me. This is a truly win-win game.

Finally, there is no better feeling when students thank you and appreciate your work. What I like most is when they come and tell me that they were praised by other people for the positive improvements in their language skills, or when they pass language tests with outstanding results. This is the best appraisal a teacher can receive and despite the difficulties and certain cons in the work as a teacher, teaching others is definitely worth it.

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