How to estimate living costs in another country?

Those of you travelling the world regularly ever wondered how much expenses you should be up for during your next 2-week trip? I bet this question also bothers a lot soon-to-be expats before moving to another country. The website I came across a few years ago is just awesome –

It allows you to find out the cost of living in almost any country in the world and compare those costs with the prices in your city/country.

The range of items which can be compared varies from the price of the loaf of fresh bread in the target country up to the price of accommodation in the city center or the suburbs.

The costs are updated daily by the users which have been living in the country or have just visited it. You can also ask more questions about the pricing and costs and other stuff in the comments section.




After I stumbled upon this website, I started checking it out every time I am planning to go on a trip to a new country. The data is pretty reliable as all prices are updated regularly by the large Nubeo community.

Another source of information for daily costs and expenses in different countries is the famous portal – I believe the question of living costs in this or that country is one of the most frequently asked here.


And do you check out the prices and costs before you plan to travel / move to another country?

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